BORN IN 2021

ITALAIR VIRTUAL Was created in 1st MARCH 2021, by two Italian real pilots who wanted to create a VA able to offer a great time to whoever wants to join it. Our virtual Pilots are the soul of our VA and we are committed to offer all our best and experience. We are also committed to help you to approach the flight simulation assisting you step by step.

Extraordinary Events

From our side ITALAIR STAFF will be continuously working to provide you exciting EVENTS and or Iconic Planes and routes to fly and test your limits. We will try to transform always our Pilot flying experience in fun for you, There will be no time to be bored with US.

Our goals

To become the best community of virtual flight simulation, and on top of that our priority is to offer you as Virtual Pilot the best flying experience ever. 

Our partnership with air sardinia virtual

We established as well a internal partnership with Air Sardinia Virtual which offer a great support for us, professional IFR and VFR flights  and plenty of study material for whoever is interested.